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Bended Metal Lines

Advanced Flame-retardants

Development of nano-architectured and bio-inspired flame retardants composites with multifunctional properties. This series of works demonstrate our previous and ongoing research in fabricating advanced fire resilience materials for building applications.


MXene Nanosheets

A series of works on the application of an ultrafine 2D nanosheet transitional metal structure, namely MXene, typically in the form of Ti3C2. We discover this material is exceptional as a flame-retardant and low-weighted.


B Lin, ACY Yuen, S Oliver, J Liu, B Yu, W Yang, S Wu, GH Yeoh, ...
Composites Part B: Engineering 244, 110147, 2023



Bio-inspired Materials

With the growing awareness towards environmental-friendly, public health and sustainable economy, this series of work focus on the developments of halogen-free flame-retardant materials.

X Cao, J Huang, Z Tang, Y Tong, ACY Yuen, W Zhao, Q Huang, RKY Li, ...
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 236, 123947, 2023

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