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Visit to Sichuan University

A fruitful trip last week to Sichuan University and grateful to be invited by Prof Ma YI. Also facinated by the fire evacuation laboratory with the high-end equipment for evacuees, fire/heat and smoke layer height tracking. No doubt this will generate quality works for validative simulation studies. Looking forward to the collaborations. Very good experience



Fire Safety and Evacuation Modelling Workshop

Photo with Prof Eric Wai Ming Lee (left) and Prof Richard Kwok Kit Yuen (right) from CityU HK, attending the Fire Safety and Evacuation Workshop 2023.


My Invited Talk in the  Workshop

Sharing of my recent findings via the importance of including atomisitic modelling data to our fire pyrolysis models and potential integrate to couple smoke/toxicty considerations in evacuation model framework.



Team Member Enzo Chen's Talk on Compartment Fires

Our group member Mr Enzo, CHEN shared his works on under-ventilated and tilting fire phenonmena, highlighting the importance of CO/CO2 modelling.


Full-scale Multi-compartment Evaucation Room

Footage of the multi-compartment evaucation room in Sichuan University, with laser tracking of smoke/hot gas layer heights and occupant tracing for data collecting.

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