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Our Team

We have a well-established team in the field of computational and atomistic modelling approaches for fire and material simulations. Led by Dr YUEN and Dr CHEN, our team comprises fire research-focused members from PolyU, UNSW (my previous organisation) and City (Close Partner). Our core research focus revolves around pyrolytic study, flame retardant mechanisms, thermal degradation kinetics and fire safety on new sustainable energy systems (i.e. battery and hydrogen energy).

PolyU Fire Group

I am a member of the HKPolyU BEEE Fire Research Laboratory (PolyUFire) Group. Our team also work closely with academics under the PolyUFire Group. The PolyUFire comprise 4 academics and a theme-based research centre in Hong Kong (SUREFire). The core members are listed below:

External Partners

Over the years, we established a strong and intermit collaboration network with academics across the world. The following is the list of our key partners and collaborators from external academic organisations:

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