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About me

I am currently appointed as an Assistant Professor, Presidential Young Scholar at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong SAR and an Adjunct Lecturer at UNSW Syndey Australia. Therefore, I work closely with my colleagues and students from Hong Kong and Australia as a collective research team. 

Feel free to read my CV via the link.

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My Story

I graduated as a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Building Service Stream) student at The Hong Kong University (HKU) in the year 2011. Then, I went to The University of New South Wales (UNSW) to continue my study and acquired my PhD degree supervised by Prof Guan Heng, YEOH in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2015. 


I started my academic career as a Research Associate at UNSW in 2015 working on large-scale fire simulation studies including bushfires, building and tunnel fires revolving around Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques. After that, I started my role as the Centre Manager of the national theme-based ARC Training Centre for Fire Retardant Materials and Safety Technologies in 2018-23, managing the daily operation of the UNSW Fire Testing Laboratory and ensuring the timely completion of industry and partner projects. I was appointed as an academic staff in 2021 as a Lecturer at UNSW, specialising in the development of advanced bio-inspired functional materials with experimental characterisations combined with unique computational realisation techniques. Since Jan 2023, I joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as an Assistant Professor (Presidential Young Scholar) to continue my journey as an acdemic researcher.

I research on the development of computational material science modelling techniques to deliver in-depth characterisations of the atomistic physiochemical behaviours of nanocomposites such as interfacial and surface science reactions between molecules. In addition, he also contributes to the fabrication of novel, bio-inspired and multifunctional nano-architectured composite materials. I aim to synergise my expertise to formulate a systematic, state-of-the-art fire assessment platform to effectively and physically describe the flaming and degradation processes, thermal/electrical conductivities, charring and self-extinction behaviours of advanced materials.

Curriculum Vitae

My Academic CV

The following are my key research performance highlights since my Postdoctoral employment:

  • Top 2% Scientists Worldwide 2023 by Stanford University

  • >150 research publications with >140 journal articles, 3 book chapter and >20 conference papers (Jan 2024)

  • My H-Index is 37 in Google Scholar with >4,800 citations, H-index of 33 in Scopus, 31 in Web of Science, 30 in SciVal

  • Published 5 highly cited papers from 2018-2023 (top 1% cited of the academic field)

  • Published 67 in the top 10% journal by SJR from 2017-2023 according to Scopus

Please feel free to read and download my CV below:

Awards and Achievements


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+852 2766-8289

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