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Fire Investigation and Forensic Studies

Our team participates in a range of fire investigation and forensic studies, and also fire engineering consultancy works. Several key involvements include fire investigation study of an actual fire incident occurred in an aged-care facility located at Quakers Hill, NSW in February 2012. We also formulate a new research database and deliver suggestions to Australian Building Codes of Practice to update the standards for non-compliant building materials.


Advaned Fire Retardant Materials

Recent discovered two-dimensional (2D) sheet-like nanomaterials and bio-retardants provide a unique opportunity to strengthen the flammability resistance properties of polymers. These thermally stable nano-fillers have the ability to consolidate char layers by significantly suppressing the heat and mass transfer between the material matrix and flame zone. 


Computational Material Synthesis

While most of the recent developed materials are nanocomposites such as nano-particles, nano-sheets or nano-scale transitional metals. In order to enhance our understanding of the properties of such materials, it is essential to develop computational predictive models to simulate the mechanical, electrical, chemical or even flammability properties of the polymer composites, where input data can be achieved via molecular dynamics modelling.


Fire Mitigation and Protection Technologies

Fire risks arising with elctrical vehicles, energy and renewable storage systems are difficult to mitigate due to the coupled electrochemical phenomena. It is essential to establish critical understanding of the fire dynamics coupled with the electrical and chemical reactions for better design of fire suppresion and mitigation strategies.

Numerical investigation on the thermal management of lithium-ion battery system and coolin

Battery Thermal Runaway Modelling

Coupling our recent advancement in MD simulations and ANN optimisation techniques, we are now discovering new concepts and ideas to look into thermal runaway causes (i.e. lithium-ion dendrite formation, heat propagation, etc), and seek fundamental/scientific solutions that is practical in real-life applications (i.e. electrical vehicle, cell phones, etc).


Modern Architecture





PhD/RA Opportunities Available 

For any inquiries of PhD Scholarships and other inquires, please email us or call: 852-2766-8289 or fill out the following form:

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Employment (WE ARE HIRING)

I am looking for highly motivated and self-disciplined students majoring in Mechanical/Material/Chemical Engineering with a Computational Modelling background to join the group. To apply for PhD and Research Position at ACY Yuen's Research Group, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

For more info: 852-2766-8289

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