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Development of a Cone Calorimter Fire Model for Validative Pyrolysis and Combustion Studies for Composite Materials

We develoepd a robust fire preditive tool using a large eddy simulation (LES) modelling framework to validate our pyrolysis and combustion kinetics data.


As an example, the two simulation case studies involving the fire developments of pure high-density polyethylene (HDPE_ foam and its chitosan/graphene oxide (CHT/GO) flame-retardant HDPE foam counterpart are presented. The numerical representation of the flame proves that the proposed pyrolysis kinetics framework and LES model was able to capture the effect of flame-retardants in the reduction of volumetric fire size, which also corresponds to the observations during the experiment.

The model is capable of capturing the surface regression and char formation layer of the solid degradation process of the materials. Enhance significance of char offered by the carbon-based flame-retardant GO is well-demonstrated in this study via the rapid increase in char density and layer height.





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